Five years ago, two young sports enthusiasts started a new stage in their lives:

Extreme Park Guard

Five years since I met a very nice community of cyclists, five years since we put our shoulders to the development of this sport in Romania.

Until five years ago, we only operated during the winter. Skiing has been part of our lives since we were 4 years old, and when we started teaching skiing to others, we understood that we are made to pass on our passion and knowledge to others, especially children. And when winter ends, the resort is empty, we knew we had to do more. So we took our summer passion and turned it into a business. Actually, you know that saying with "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life"? That's how we see it: it's not business, it's adventure and it's fun!

From year to year we started to increase our team, so that now we have many talented young people with us, with a lot of experience in what they do (both nationally and internationally), who share our passion.

What sets us apart from others? THE PASSION! Yes, we are sure that they all put passion into what they do, but we are always present at any activity, be it from camps, airbag jumping or simply in the interaction with other cyclists. We want quality services, but we want to be directly involved. We like to talk with you, we like to share our experiences with anyone who wants to.

Our soul project from EXTREME PARK GUARD became the one with bike camps. I started this project with the idea of returning children to nature, doing what they like. I think that 90% of the children are on the bike all day, around town, some even go to school with it. Why not see how beautiful it is to go into the forest, on trails specially designed for MTB.

Many of them have tried the hills near their hometowns or even bike routes in big cities. What we offer is SECURITY. Imagine that your son or daughter meets friends and goes "on a date". Where? In the forest. There they know some cool paths. But you, the parents, do you know how they are given? What speed do I use? Is he wearing a helmet? Well, in the camps these questions do not exist. Everything happens under the close supervision of the instructors, and the trails are only covered together.

We don't have groups of hundreds of children that we can lose sight of and not know what they are doing. Not. Our camps have a maximum of 15 participants, with 3 instructors always present, both for day activities and for those in the cottage.

That's why, at the end of the week, when you parents return to collect your children, you will see a group of friends, friends who seem to have known each other for a lifetime. I don't think we've had any child so far who didn't tell us that they can't wait to come back to our camps next year. And they really came back 😊 and many of you, the parents, became our friends. We thank you in this way and we can't wait to see you again.

In conclusion, I just wanted to tell you to come to Straja. Not, come to the JIULUI VALLEY. Whether it's for bicycles, or for hiking or walking, come to us. You won't regret it, we assure you of that!

Thank you!
Extreme Park Guard

May 2021





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Straja resort, Jud. Hunedoara, Romania